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Services- Somatic Breathwork

What is Somatic Breathwork?

Somatic Breathwork is a trauma-informed technique that uses breathing coupled with rhythmic music to assist in releasing stress, clearing blockages, and reuniting with what's most important. This helps to expand mental clarity, regulate the body's nervous system, and develop emotional wellness. By using the breath, there is a release of blockages and stress which allows you to work through whatever is holding you back and to align more deeply with yourself. Release may look like moving the body, shaking, screaming, crying, laughing, etc. the purpose is to clear out the emotions and sensations that have been rejected or suppressed and call in more of what you do want. Somatic Breathwork offers an individualistic process to assist you in your personal healing journey. 

Who is it for?

Somatic Breathwork provides results, whether you are seeking to strengthen self love and knowledge, searching for support while enduring life's challenges, or desiring an expansion in personal wellness and development. To discover and integrate who you truly are is to live a life in alignment. As humans, we are invited to connect with our true nature and explore what is beneath our past traumas and conditioning. We are being called to leave our baggage behind and set ourselves free. Let Somatic Breathwork assist you along your journey. Somatic Breathwork sessions can take place either in-person or online via Zoom. Somatic Breathwork can be practiced individually, as a couple, or in a group setting.

How is it effective?

  • Somatic Breathwork stimulates the body in a way that leads it to process unhealed memories and repressed emotions with a sense of safety and presence.

  • Most trauma is caused within relationships, often then, the most profound healing we can encounter is within the realm of a safe and therapeutic relationship.

  • Oftentimes, we find ourselves trapped in explaining our story, with no real connection to the emotions behind it. Somatic Breathwork is a bottom up approach, which means while the breathing occurs, there is a sense of awareness and an ability to explore the emotions and sensations within the body. This action-oriented approach allows you to work through your challenges and a rewriting occurs. This rewriting allows you to be more at ease and less reactive in your daily life.

What can I expect?

Somatic Breathwork sessions last for 90 minutes. The beginning 15 minutes of the session is utilized for introductions and intention setting. The main portion consists of 50 minutes of breathwork and the rest of the time is spent processing and integrating whatever came up in session. It is best to wear comfortable, loose fitted clothing to your appointment. Please ensure you have at least a one hour gap between our session and the last time you ate (breathwork should not be done on a full stomach.) This is an eyes-closed journey where you will be laying on your back on a yoga mat with your shoes removed. There is a Release of Liability Form, which will be reviewed and signed the day of the session. Major shifts are typically noticed between 3-6 months of consistently practicing Somatic Breathwork.

Contraindications: Somatic Breathwork is not advised for people who are are under the influence of substances, are pregnant, nor is it advisable for people with a history of: cardiovascular disease, seizures, high blood pressure (not controlled by medication), glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, strokes, blood clots, acute infectious illnesses, major medications/psychiatric conditions, or recent physical injuries or surgeries. People with asthma should bring their inhaler and consult with their physician(s) before attending.

Empathy and connection in breath
Somatic Breathwork
Trauma Release Catharsis through breathing

What People Are Saying

"I just feel so much lighter, like my trauma isn't holding me back as much."

"I feel more connected to myself in a way I haven't experienced before...I feel a lot more love and joy."

"I got clarity on something that I had been confused about for awhile."

"I feel less pain in my body since doing the breathwork and I'm able to be more present...I just feel happier."

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